Our Business

Consumer Products

Our selection of consumer products represents some of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands, specialty brands, as well as reliable, everyday brands that are in high demand. We only work with companies who have demonstrated a commitment to customer service and transparency that mirrors our own as it allows us to pass that value along to you.

Some of the consumer products we source include:

  • World-class apparel brands
  • Shoes
  • Luggage
  • Sporting equipment
  • Specialty food and beverage

Be competitive

The market for consumer products is among the most competitive in the world. In order to maximize profits in an increasingly fast-paced global environment, we have developed significant relationships that allow us to support you through reliability, quality, and access to better pricing.

Build your product range

For new or emerging businesses, we will work closely with you to help you identify the brands and items that will best connect with your customers. For established brands looking to gain better market penetration, our expertise will allow you to build a solid reputation for reliable supply, consistency, and quality from end-to-end.

Trusted support

With a vast range of products available, we work with retailers and e-tailers of all types, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing your shipment will arrive on time, as promised and as expected. Our customers count on us to deliver and we don’t disappoint.

Transportation Equipment

Whether you are looking for one special vehicle or a fleet, you owe it to yourself to work with a partner who has immersive knowledge of every link in the supply chain.

In the highly regulated global transportation industry, it pays to partner with JITCO. Our experience in international compliance and regulatory concerns will help you bring your products to market without the pain points usually associated with these matters.

Our experience is unparalleled in the area of international transportation equipment import and export. Your shipments will always arrive with the proper paperwork, reports, and manifests, satisfying even the most stringent government requirements.

We handle shipments of automobiles, trucks, aircraft, recreational vehicles, marine vessels and more. Whether destined for one particular customer, a company or for the open consumer market in any country, we can help determine all shipping and logistics issues as well as all related costs.

Our promise to you

Our number one goal is to help you maximize your profits. We do this by providing you with end-to-end support through every stage of the process. From sourcing your products to warehousing, fulfillment operations, shipping, logistics, documentation, financial, and regulatory requirements, your needs will be met or exceeded, supported by authority and insight into global trends and best practices.

Machinery and Equipment

We work with a wide range of industries, supplying them with the equipment they need to get the job done. Access to highly specialized machinery enables innovation and competition, allowing our customers to expand and penetrate into markets they never before had access to.

Once we have sourced the equipment, components or machines that you need, we will work closely with you to ensure there are no surprises. All regulatory requirements will be met and all processes held to the highest standards, helping you achieve your goals quickly so you can get down to business.

From power equipment to precision engineered parts and accessories, if it exists somewhere in the world, we can deliver. Some of the machinery and equipment we have access to includes:

  • Industrial equipment and supplies
  • Oil and gas industry equipment and accessories
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Construction equipment
  • And more

We work with upstream, midstream, and downstream companies, bringing you solutions that you can rely on, even for highly sensitive, complicated and oversized cargo. JITCO’s experience in worldwide logistics could be the gateway to your innovation.

Our experience

Our diverse experience and expertise help you optimize your profitability in a wide range of industry sectors.